What Makes Label in PT. BUANA LABELINDAH Different?

Creative Design


Our staff are experts at giving comprehensive advice on your requirements, taking your design and specifications and turning them into a high quality product suitable for your brand's image.

We can give advice on the layout, format, colours, dimensions and type of weave or fabric. We'll help you get it right and get your products to you as quickly as possible.


Fashion Branding Specialists


Here at BuanaLabelIndah, we take pride in being a development hub for both brand owners and garment manufacturers alike.

Adding value to brands via custom woven labels, personalised clothing labels, printed labels and fashion branding


Good Service


Our team who have strong experience on the listed areas below are always ready to be solution partners especially for the companies that wish to make a difference in their brands and products and so to reach their goals quicker.

A distinctive, speedy and result-oriented support will bring your company a powerful increase. Remember! You can decrease your cost and increase your sales by making appropriate choices.

About us

BuanaLabelindah is established since 1995. We have accumulated over 25 years of valuable experience through producing all types of customized woven labels, personalized labels and printed labels that will suit your needs.

Our woven labels are of the highest standard and quality with assurance guaranteed. For our customized woven labels, we have a low MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) with very affordable pricing. Our woven label will definitely help to enhance the quality and appearance of your clothing.

Throughout the years, we have gained valuable experience and become a leader in our field. Our sample experience in this field comes from spending many hours working side by side with designers and manufacturers in the garment industry.

Our Portfolio

Our Custom Labels To Promote Your Brand

Badge Label

Woben Label

Photo Label

Woven Label

Photo Label

Woven Label

Tafeta Label

Woven Label

Photo Label

Woven Label

Saten Print Label

Printed Label

Time Hours

Design, Photography

Time Hours

Design, Photography

Our Services

Clothing Label Expert

Fast Lead Time

we can produce woven labels in a week without compromising the quality. We can't do miracles but delivering your clothing labels and tags on time is important to us.

Quality Matters

Whether you are a seasoned designer or just starting out, quality matters and we are always working with our customers to get the best woven and printed label possible.

Friendly Customer Service

Our knowledgable clothing label officer are ready to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Custom Low Pricing

All clothing labels are custom made specifically for you at low prices. We can accommodate your budget to meet your needs.

Standard Woven Style


Innovative Production


To meet our customers needs and standards. We ensure the latest technology in our production line to continuously improve our efficiency and quality and follow the friends in designs.

Our machine all are salely from Müller Frick for over 25 years with a line up of MÜGRIP 3, MÜGRIP 6, MÜJET and our latest addition in 2020 the MÜGRIP 8 to maintain our efficiency and most importantly to improve and maintain our product quality.

in our most recent addition of the label slitting MÜSONIC 3 gives us additional edge on providing a better finish for our product


Lean Environment


With all the equipment and well trained staff we provide a continuously improving environment in our plant.

Supported in infrastructure to provide a sustainable environment for our machines includes a fully air conditioned and temperature controlled for great precision in our machines.

And also an annual re-training for our production team to create a better and lean environment in our lines.


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