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Woven Labels

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Photo labels

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urban clothing style

Printed labels

professionals and
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Our staff are experts at giving comprehensive advice on your requirements, taking your design and specifications and turning them into a high quality product suitable for your brand's image.

We can give advice on the layout, format, colours, dimensions and type of weave or fabric. We'll help you get it right and get your products to you as quickly as possible.


Branding Specialists

Here at BuanaLabelIndah, we take pride in being a development hub for both brand owners and garment manufacturers alike.

Adding value to brands via custom woven labels, personalised clothing labels, printed labels and fashion branding



Our team who have strong experience on the listed areas below are always ready to be solution partners especially for the companies that wish to make a difference in their brands and products and so to reach their goals quicker.

A distinctive, speedy and result-oriented support will bring your company a powerful increase. Remember! You can decrease your cost and increase your sales by making appropriate choices.

Our Custom Labels To

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Badge Label

Woven Label


woven label


woven label


woven label


printed label


woven label

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Standard Woven Style

Mitre Fold

Woven label with ends folded on a 45 degree angle to create tabs which are sewn in to a neck seam. Allowing the item to be hung.

End Fold

Woven label with folded ends to create a neat finish when sewn in to the garment. A versatile finish which can be used a variety of ways.

Backing Hot Melt Tape

adhesive hot melt tape is designed for laser cut label, Popular in street wear, This label style tends to be used in hems, shorts or jackets

Loop Fold

Woven label folded in the centre to create a loop. Most commonly sewn in the seam of t-shirts and sweat shirts for size tabs.

Overlocked Patch

Woven label with overlocked edges to finish.

Laser Cut

Woven labels with a custom shape, sometimes referred to as die cut labels. Commonly used for badges, can be overlocked and backed.

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